Saturday, April 16, 2005


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This was an early '90s shoot in my studio on Blvd. St.Laurent.
SHLONK (L-R) On the floor and naked as usual, vocalist Al Warnock, Jody, bassist Colleen MacIntyre (+1962-1996, of Aids... a great loss to the Montreal music and alt scene), Angie Shlonk, guitarist, and Michelle Bouchard ( later replaced by Kelly).


I have some hilarious live shots of SHLONK, which I will add when this show is over and have more time to dig into this blog exhibit! Al riding a tricycle, naked (naturally) and covered in blood from rolling on a broken beer bottle... too bad it was shot in B&W!

Politically, much was going on in 1990. SEXGARAGE for example, which began for me when I attempted to shoot "voguing" at a gay bash (in the party sense of the word) and it turned literal. We instead got caught up in a vicious police riot and beating (but there are photos of the initial party as well on the SEXGARAGE site!).
Link to PHOTOS: The SNITCHES were one of my favourite local Montreal bands in 80s/ 90s . They took over the infamous SEXGARAGE loft space (site of the 1990 homophobic police attack- see link for details) ) on La Gauchetiere and Beaver Hall Hill, and threw many ecstatic late night parties, which we all miss. The SNITCHES eventually refined or redefined their sound, got signed (though maybe not in that order)... I wish them well! Though it was more fun before. They reminded me of an early Talking Heads- very quirky and hard to pin.

The OKA crisis, an armed Mohawk uprising in Quebec, occurred the same year. Speaking of rebels! Those photos are at SEXGARAGE


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Kristine said...

I hope that you do get to put up the live photos. Maybe you did and I just can't find them.

I just found out earlier today that my cousin (Colleen MacIntyre) used to play in a band called Shlonk and I went to google right away to find out more about it. I was so happy to see that someone had photos up.
Thank you so much.

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