Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Photos: NINA HAGEN, Spectrum, Montreal, January, 1984

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The wondrous NINA HAGEN! She inspired us all of us girls in the punk scene (and several boys as well! ) I shot this for Quebec Rock magazine- one of our only local Montreal music publications with glossy paper that actually did justice to the images! I had shot MARIANNE FAITHFULL for them in 1983. Unfortunately I didn’t have backstage access this time, though I did finally meet Nina in 1994, after the Club Soda show. I was surprised at how tiny she was in person- on stage she is a towering personality! She managed to pat me on the head nevertheless, and said sweetly- "I saw you! You look just like Betty Page!" ... and I melted!
More NINA HAGEN photos, including a 1984 article on fashion at the show (which included me, Vava and Ava) AND 1994 performance photos are posted on the IndyFoto site.


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