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Hanging of PUNKS & PROVOCATEURS Exhibit April 2, 2005

NOTE: The index included with this blog makes it impossible to know what is in this BLOG photo exhibit (which bands / people etc.) and where, so I've prepared a list of the more than 250 photos and 30 pages at the following
. If you're looking for a direct link to a band or want to know who and what is included in the exhibit, please check the BLOG INDEX list!

We mounted the exhibit on April 2, 2005 at the Foufounes… the final tally was 15 panels, each four foot square, containing over 200 photographs plus montage material in the form of gig posters, tickets etc. The exhibit starts on the West wall, south corner with photos dating back to 1976 (Bowie and Lou Reed- my first concert photos) and proceeds chronologically North through the late seventies and eighties, ending on the East wall with 4 panels dating from the late 80s through to the present. The last panel contains largely digital images, which portray the present manifestations of so-called "old punks" - DOA, BOFG, TEENAGE HEAD, the DAMNED and SCREAMING SAM among them. Hey- at least we're still alive, AND Kicking!

fouf opening intro

Intro to exhibit

fouf hanging

fouf hanging

fouf hanging

fouf hanging
I’m dedicating this exhibit first and foremost to Michael Craib, in gratitude for his love, support and help. fouf hanging
To Joe Bebel for putting on the show!
fouf hanging

To the Foufounes staff- present and past!
fouf hanging

To Mishka my son, in the short-term for helping us mount this exhibit, and in the long-term, for always being an inspiration and source of happiness. I wouldn't have made it this far without you in my world.
And to all the people in these images, who allowed me entry into their lives in order to create these photos! I've been receiving wonderful and often poignant emails from some of you, and it's reaffirmed my intention with this exhibit- to share and reawaken memories of an amazing time in our lives. The punk scene was all about the people who created it - and defied stereotyping. Those looking for photos of Sid clones to reinforce their notion of punk should seek elsewhere. Punk was NOT an off-the-rack fashion statement, and by the time it became codefied, it was in fact long over.


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