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1990-1993 Montreal Monty Cantsin, Coupe Bizzarre, AMERICAN DEVICES

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Monty Cantsin
Monty Cantsin, performance artist, otherwise known as Istvan Kantor. Neoism. Art Strike. We are all Monty Cantsin. You know the schtick! Montreal, 1990.

He's still going strong! I wrote an article on one of Istvan's more recent interventions (2006), with photos-
Istvan Kantor aka Monty Cantsin's DEADLY GIFT (Trans- fusion AGO) Warning- Contains nudity!

I started doing photos for COUPE BIZZARRE back when it was a tiny place on Duluth owned by Betty Bizzarre. She then sold it to JIMI IMIJ and Robert. Under their capable hands it evolved into the fabulous Coupe we know today, with locations in Montreal and Toronto. My friend Charles Kenny worked there for several years. These are 2 of my earliest hair shots for Jimi-
Willhelm Bengt became a close friend. He was visiting from Berlin. Jimi and I "discovered' him in Lizard, a gay bar on St.Denis (where Cargo used to be!) and convinced him to participate in this photo! It wasn't difficult- Will was always game for just about anything! He played a motorbike Jesus for me in a CBC interview on my "PERSONAL NEEDS" series, and we made a film together (which was stolen, due to resurface on the internet some day if either of us ever become famous!)
The setting is my old apartment at 3816 St.Laurent... if a building can be a muse, this was it. Haunted too! It broke my heart to leave it.

AMERICAN DEVICES show, 1990. Pub on St.Laurent (can't remember its name)
Punks at DEVICES show, Montreal 1990

AMERICAN DEVICES have been around since punk began! They have played more " very last" shows than I can recall! But this particular one in a loft on St.Laurent 1993 was really their long-time drummer's Karl's last, as he moved to San Francisco later that year. Original member Rob Labelle (guitar/vocals, on left) is still at it, along with the talented Rick Trembles (guitar/ vocals, far right on photo), who is also a cartoonist of note-oriety! Check out his immensely entertaining website,!


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Anonymous said...

The American Devices NEVER said anything about "last show ever" in their 30 plus year life span (and they've never stopped). But, indeed, it was Carl Helm's last gig with the band as, sadly, he moved to San Francisco (show was at Barfly).

That 1990 shot is from a bar that was called Loonies, I believe (and that's me, Chris Burns, on the right playing guitar).

Great, great site by the way!

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