Saturday, March 19, 2005

Photos: THE POGUES with JOE STRUMMER, Plateau locals, Montreal 1987

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Joe Strummer performing with THE POGUES at the Spectrum, Montreal 1987
I love you, Joe!!

Shane McGowan of THE POGUES with Joe Strummer at the Spectrum, Montreal 1987

RHYTHM ACTIVISM , Norman Nawrocki and Sylvain Cote perform at Aids benefit ,Poodles, Montreal 1987
Nathalie Dion de NITROGLYCERINE, Montreal 1987
Patricia Maurice de NITROGLYCERINE, Montreal 1987

The Plateau neighbourhood in Montreal. I’ve been working on a series of documentary photos, cataloguing the closing of the older stores on St. Laurence since 1982, which I plan to exhibit as a future project. The above photo was taken on Blvd. St.Laurent, known to anglos as "The Main". It used to be the dividing line between the French East and English West (though in Montreal, South is really East and North is really West) , but happily the linguistic divisions have since blurred somewhat. I moved onto the street in '82 and held on to my wonderful 2 floor 8 1/2 on St.Laurent and Pins until I was finally ousted after 13 years by my money grubbing landlord. A familiar story, and it’s repeating itself again for me on Ave. du Parc. Always the same scenario- artists move into a depressed neighbourhood, the area becomes "hip", then gentrification encroaches and we are put out on the street under some pretext, but the bottom line is $$$.


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Patrick Hutchinson said...

Great Joe/Pogues pics: I was at that show (as was my son at the age of minus several months: happy memories of shielding Odette's bump on the dancefloor/pit...)
Also happy memories of your place on the Main, and of practicing there with Top Ranking: do you have any pics of us, by any chance?
Cheers, Patrick

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