Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Photo: Foufounes Electriques- regulars, Montreal, 1985

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gens fouf

My friend Charles Kenny, no longer with us…

gens fouf
gens fouf
gens fouf
Marc, also deceased way too young, and Violaine, who is happily still with us. She came to the opening and the auction and it was wonderful to see her again!!!

gens fouf

gens fouf

vava vol

Vava Vol was Foufoune’s wonderful bartender and a true punk diva, renowned in the Montreal and NYC alternative scene as a performance artist.

gens fouf
(L-R) Ben La Base & Brigitte, singer/ chanteuse avec/ with "Terapi".

gens fouf
(L-R) Piccolo & Benoit Boivin
gens rock
The 70s were apparently never far enough away, even in the 80s.

gens fouf
"Satie" was my beloved Siamese cat... she died age 17 of natural causes- a rarity in our group.
gens fouf Sweet Dominique



Anonymous said...

hey linda, where is that great picure of Claude, Karen and I at Foufoun? love dede

Anonymous said...

A friend told me last week to go and look for an exhibition that goes all the month of April at a bar I went to quite often (a regular ? uhm, kind of), aeons ago. I saw William Bourrough give a delerious yet poetic monologue in there and I can still remember his deep slow intonations, I was mesmerized. I saw innovative art, performances and music shows. I danced, got drunk, had oh so incredibly intellectual conversations with so oh self-centered superficial posers, met my longtime boyfriend and now friend for life Pascal at that bar called Les Foufounes Électriques, on Saint-Catherine street, in Montreal.

I was curious to see what all that expo was about so I went to check the website first and that's when I saw my 1985 face along my now deceased friend Marc, and yes, I cried. I cried the loss of him, felt 14 years ago, the loss of many people gone of overdoses, sickness, cancer, chronic pancreatitis, Aids, suicide, murder. I'm fed up with that. Please, stop dying. Next week I'm going to the auction that will be held by Linda, the photographer, so I can buy the picture. I'm afraid to look after faces I new but know long gone. I'm afraid to meet people I knew but will hardly recognize. Am I still afraid of the future? No. I wish to live very very old. I want to be part of world's history, the be an observer as well as to participate in its transformation. But I still don't accept the loss. I should be celebrating instead. Death is but an experience, in the tibetan point of view. Geez i'm so narrow minded still.

So in the pic titled 'Marc and Violaine'; you can still recognize me even if I was sporting a very yellow scarf that night since I considered myself very hot at that time...sheeesh. But I still wear that stupid smile when i'm in love so that's probably why I'm single now. A bunch of interesting pictures can be seen here too : http://rebelrebelle.com/blogindex.html scroll down and take your time. These are testimonies of a glorious time indeed. Thanks Linda.
~ V

Patrick Hutchinson said...

Karen & Dede were pretty much the first punks I met after arriving in Mtl from the UK in '78: they really stuck out of the suburban crowd at the CEGEP I was at, so I made a bee-line for them (same thing when Rebecca Tucker - now Severin - showed up later)
I knew Piccolo from playing together in Top Ranking (frequently at Foufs) & I'm happy to say he's still making music (as am I) & a spectacle of himself!
The first time I played Foufounes (for the launch of Xceteras 'zine) it was still called Zoobar: 1981 maybe? I think it was Les Clochards Célèstes before Zoobar.
Cheers, P.

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