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Exposition photo rétrospectif de/ A Retrospective Photo exhibit by
All 250 images and text on this site and BLOG /
Toutes les 250 images et tous les textes sur ce site sont
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PAGE 1 -
Text- INTRODUCTION TO THIS EXHIBIT, Photos: DAVID BOWIE, 1976 , David Bowie, Earl Slick 2004 , JAYNE COUNTY 1979, "Body Politic" link
PAGE 2 -
1983 Montreal- Photos: DANSE SOCIETY Club Soda, Richard of Dutchy's
PAGE 3 -
Text- On Music Photography, The Edge, Toronto 1978 / 79. Photos: Edge poster, ULTRAVOX 1979, The MODS 1979, squatters '84 Geneve Suisse
PAGE 4 -
Text- How I came upon Punk... Photos: 1978 ANDROIDS, TOOLS , Toronto. Karen, Stan, Wayne Lorenz, punk posters, Hotel
Isabella, punks in Toronto '76
PAGE 5 -
Photos: THE ONLY ONES Feb. (6 or 7) 1979, Peter Perrett, Alan Mair, Mike Kellie , The Edge , Toronto , BATTERED WIVES
PAGE 6 -
Photos: LOU REED, Massey Hall 1976, JOHN CALE BAND, The Edge, March (19, 20, 21) JOHN CALE, Marc Aaron, Deerfrance, Doug Bowne,
1979, NICO, 1979
PAGE 7 -
Text- CBGB, the Bowery, Photos: CBGB's , NYC , 1978 Photos: PERE UBU, URBAN VERBS, Dave Thomas, Tom Herman, Tony Maimone, Dead Boy's gear backstage, CBGB crowd,
PAGE 8 -
Text- Sandy Linter and Gia Carangi, Photos: MUDD Club, NYC, 1979, '70s punk fashion- Zipper shirts, jumpsuits (!),
upstairs at the Mudd Club, punks, Sandy Linter , Gia Carangi, Tommy Melendi, Linda Dawn Hammond (photographer)
PAGE 9 -
Photos: BLONDIE Toronto 1979, Debra Harry, Blondie, Ontario Place
PAGE 10 -
Photos: XTC, The Edge, Toronto, Jan. ( 9&10th ),1979, - Barry Andrews- keyboard, Colin Moulding, Terry Chambers, Andy Partridge, Suzanne Malouk, muse, Jean-Michel Basquiat
PAGE 11 -
Text and Photos: DICK DUCK and the DORKS, Toronto, January, 1980, Paul Ekness, Peter Dixon Greg Bent, Elm St., The Edge, AFRAID TO DANCE, Beverley Tavern, Toronto 1983
PAGE 12 -
Text- Dutchy's, Tomas, Photos: CHARGED GBH and ASEXUALS, Cargo, Montreal, 1984, Colin (Col) Abrahall, Paul Kastner, Rob Porter -guitar player in GENETIC CONTROL,
PAGE 13 -
Text- Zoobar, Les Clochards Celestes, Renaissance, John Sobol, Crash n' Burn, Diodes, Beaudoin Photos: Foufounes Electriques regulars, Montreal, 1983, Beaudoin & Linda Dawn Hammond- 3816 Blvd. St.Laurent stairs, Olivier, Foufounes coat check, punk girls Linda & Linda on Ste.Catherine,
Hennessey, Pages Book store, Rivoli, Toronto
PAGE 14 -
Text- Needle play, S&M, SIDA, Aids, punk Photos: Foufounes Electriques regulars, Montreal, 1985, Foufounes bartender, Vava Vol, Charles Kenny, Ben La Base, Brigitte, TERAPI, Benoit Boivin, Picolo, Dede, Karen, Linda Dawn Hammond, Satie, Dominique, 3816 Blvd. St. Laurent roof
PAGE 15 -
Photos: TOXIC REASONS, JJ (drummer), SEX GANG CHILDREN, goth audience, The WORLD (Rock Hotel productions), NYC, 1983 /1984, ASEXUALS, Cargo, Montreal,1984, DEJA VOODOO, Foufounes Electriques
PAGE 16 -
Photos: SHAKIN' PYRAMIDS, Cafe Fifties, bartender, The SNEAKERS, Erick Leclerc, rollerskates, MEN WITHOUT HATS, Ivan, Spectrum, NO POLICY, peace march, Protest pour la paix, locals, Montreal '83, '84,'88
PAGE 17 -
Photos: Montreal 1984 Art Opening/ vernissage, attended by local punk diva Vava Vol, Ava Rave, Olivier, Annette, Alternative Art Fair fashion 1984, Montreal
PAGE 18 -
Photos: Jardin Chez Josephine Sberna's garden on Drolet, Josephine Sberna, Nadine, Darrel Eklund, Sheila Urbanowski, Johnny Dixie
PAGE 19 -
PAGE 20 -
Photos: Invite to PUNKS & PROVOCATEURS exhibit
PAGE 21 -
Photos: NINA HAGEN, Spectrum, Montreal, January, 1984
PAGE 22 -
Photos: POLICE PICNIC, Synchronicity Tour, Aug.3, 1983, POLICE, TALKING HEADS, Stade Olympique Montreal, David Byrne, Sting, PETER TOSH
PAGE 23 -
Photos: LA LA LA HUMAN STEPS- Spectrum, Montreal, 1985, "Metropolis" vernissage 1987, Louise Lecavalier, Edouard Lock
PAGE 24 -
Text, Photos: Danceteria, SHRIEKBACK, LA LOORA, Danceteria 1984 (infrared B&W film digitally manipulated)
PAGE 25 -
Text, Photos: Pyramid Club, graffiti, stencils, Michael Roman, NYC 1984
PAGE 26 -
Photos: DEAD KENNEDYS, Jello Biafra, Montreal 1985, NO POLICY Rebecca link
PAGE 27 -
Photos: Bar Business, ZILON, Pepsee Openings/ vernissages - Montreal 1986,Montreal Magazine photographer Linda Dawn Hammond, Party People, Holder twins, Robbie Jackson, Bruno Daigle, Marc Gagne, Robin Gubby, Jacques Rousseau, Pierre Pepin , Spiky, Denise Kimball
PAGE 28 -
Text- gentrification of Plateau, Mile End Photos: THE POGUES with JOE STRUMMER, Plateau locals, Rhythm Activism. Aids benefit at Poodles, Montreal 1987, Nathalie Dion & Patricia Maurice de Nitroglycerine, Montreal 1987
PAGE 29 -
Photos: Chez Sheila, Montreal 1988, Jack 5, Sheila Urbanowski, Velcro Ripper, Joe Bebel, POODLES Bar, 1988- Patrice and Sheila performance, Link to TUPELO CHAIN SEX, Cafe Campus, Montreal, '88
PAGE 30 -
Photos: Pyramid Club, NYC, 1984, VAVA VOL performance, club people, link- mariage alternative/ punk wedding photos, Vava and Matt, Nat
PAGE 31 -
PAGE 32 -
Photos: View of 15 gallery panels and photos, day of hanging - PUNKS & PROVOCATEURS Exhibit ouverture, Foufounes Electriques, April 2, 2005
PAGE 33 -
Photos: HUSKER DU, OCTOBER CRISIS, ASEXUALS , The Church Montreal 1985, poster, Dan Webster, link to Steve, Clank etc.
Photos: 110 McGill Party Montreal, 1990, Ian Stephens, Susan Lamond, JP, Sheila, Darrel Ecklund, Erik, Martial, Patrick, Gros Michel of the Fouf, Ava Rave,Tomas, Josephine Sberna, Skid, Kiisti
PAGE 35 -
Photos: 1990-1993 Montreal - Istvan Kantor (AKA Monty Cantsin Amen!), Coupe Bizzarre, Jimi Imij, Wilhelm Bengt, AMERICAN DEVICES, Karl, Rick Trembles, Rob Labelle
PAGE 36 -
Text & Photos: 1990-1994 Montreal, Toronto Modern Primitives, Pierre, Black Sun piercing, Nat, tattoo artist, mariage alternative wedding, Vava (bartender of Foufounes Electriques)and Matt (doorman) , McGill U. course entitled, "Masochism and Popular Culture", Brian Massumi, Toni, Thomas, Cosma.
Photos: 1991 The RAMONES, Rialto, Montreal, Johnny, Marky, Joey and C.J.
Photos: SHLONK, Montreal 1990s Montreal, Al Warnock, Jody , bassist Colleen MacIntyre, Angie Shlonk, publicity photo, SNITCHES link, SEXGARAGE, OKA
PAGE 39 -
Photos: PIGFACE, Foufounes, Montreal 1991 Em Esch of KMFDM, Ogre , SKINNY PUPPY, Mary Mary of GAY BIKERS ON ACID etc. onstage, backstage debauchery
PAGE 40 -
Photos: 1990s Montreal / Toronto, BUZZCOCKS, Jaz Coleman, KILLING JOKE, LAURIE ANDERSON, ICHOR, Franz Treichler, YOUNG GODS, TEST DEPT., Punks at RIPCORDZ show, The Siboney, Club Soda, Spectrum
PAGE 41 -
Photos: 2000s- Toronto, Montreal, TEENAGE HEAD, DAMNED, FLESHTONES, SCREAMING SAM, Artist Florent Veilleux, Dave Vanian, Patricia Morrison, Frankie Venom
PAGE 42 -
Photos: 2000s- Toronto, Montreal, DOA, BOFG, CORPUSSE , Mohawks, 360,

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